wearkindness Lifetime Repair Warranty

In addition to our commitment to selecting the best quality materials and construction methods, our new, locally made, and multipurpose bags now come with a free Lifetime Repair Warranty*. With your support to wearkindness and our advocacy projects, you get the peace of mind that you can continue using the bag for as long as possible.

Stuff happens. And so that you can keep using the bag for years and years to come, we’re offering free lifetime repair for damages including tears and hardware malfunction. This is in line with our commitment to promoting repair instead of replacement, and to help reduce landfill waste.

Our Lifetime Repair Warranty is applicable to all 2023 wearkindness bags. 

  1. Marcel Handbag
  2. Marcel Everyday Bag
  3. Marcel Weekender Bag
  4. Pedro Laptop Bag
  5. Asimov Slinger Bag
  6. Golan Laptop Bag
  7. Seldon Bumbag
  8. Stor Microbag

*Customer will shoulder the cost of retrieval and delivery of the bag to be repaired. Available Nationwide.
*Excessive and/or intentional damage to the bag will not be covered by the LR warranty. Please refer to our complete list of Lifetime Repair Warranty Exclusions and Limitations.


Lifetime Repair Warranty Exclusions and Limitations 

  1. Discoloration caused by unsuitable cleaning agents including bleach and strong detergents. 
  2. Discoloration caused by regular use and frequent washing. 
  3. Wear and tear of hand and shoulder straps. We offer replacement of the detachable straps for a minimal fee of 150php + shipping. 
  4. Natural deterioration of neoprene padding. We offer replacement of the padding for a minimal fee (at cost). 
  5. Tear or any form of damage that affects more than 50% of the outside or inside material of the bag. We offer a full reconstruction of the bag for a minimal fee (at cost). 
  6. Tears at the seams of the bag will be repaired by re-stitching. 
  7. Tears on the surface of the bag (outer or inner material) will be repaired by stitching the tear or through patching, whichever is applicable. 
  8. Our Lifetime Repair Warrantee is only intended to maintain the integrity and usability of the bag, and will not guarantee a 100% brand-new look. Although, we will definitely do our best.
  9. Damages reasonably deemed as intentional and/or excessive will not be covered by the LRW.
  10. For questions and LRW requests, you can send us an email at hello@spreadkindnessph.org



Upon receipt, the bag will be repaired and shipped out in 5-7 working days. 


Delivery Cost

  1. Shipping costs for return and delivery will be shouldered by the customer and will depend on the chosen courier. We will provide the delivery address upon confirmation of the LRW request.
  2. LRW requests within Metro Manila, Antipolo, Marikina, and Tanay are covered by our in-house return and delivery process at 150php per way, a total of 300php per LRW request unless the customer chooses a different delivery method.