Partners Program

Be part of the wearkindness Partners Program and offer a discount to your friends and family while earning a commission on every order. 

10% for you, 5% for your friends! 


In 5 easy steps, 

  1. Create an affiliate account by following this link. 
  2. Complete your registration by verifying your email.
  3. Wait for the approval email. An affiliate must have made at least 1 purchase. 
  4. Access your affiliate portal here
  5. Customize and share your affiliate link and/or promo code, and check your earnings in real-time.

For questions, please send us an email at 

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can be a wearkindness Affiliate? 

Anyone who has made a purchase in the past, regardless of quantity or order value. 


How much is the commission for Affiliates?

An affiliate will get 10% of the total order less shipping fee and any additional discount including the partner's promo code.


What are the eligible products?

All products on the website is eligible for the affiliate program. 


How much discount can my referral get from my affiliate link/ promo code?

Everyone using the affiliate link/ promo code will get a 5% discount on their total order with no minimum purchase.


How will I get my commission?

The verified commission from orders that had been delivered and paid for by the customer will be sent to you through bank transfer or GCash.


You can send an email to if you're ready to receive your commission. No minimum amount to withdraw.


Are there fees to receive my commission?

There are no fees to receive any commission amount through GCash or Bank Transfer.


How is my commission computed?

The commission will be calculated after deducting the total discount from the order. For example, a carryall tote bag is for 895 less your promo code of 5%, which makes the total order value 850.25. You will get 10% of that amount or 85.


The shipping cost will be excluded from the computation.


Can I use either my promo code or affiliate link to referrals to get the commission?

Yes, you can use either your affiliate link or personal promo code available on your dashboard to claim any commission from purchases your referrals make.


Can I use my affiliate link/ personal promo code to get a commission to make a personal order?


You can use your personal coupon that you can access on your affiliate dashboard. This entitles you to a 10% discount, but will not generate a commission. 


We will notify you if there will be future changes to the commission and discount rates. 


For questions and concerns, please send us an email at