Marcel Weekender Bag: Your Reliable Travel Companion

Marcel Weekender Bag is a locally made multipurpose travel bag that's built to last. With its large space and multiple inner compartments, this weekender bag is perfect for packing all your essentials for a weekend away. The straightforward bag design features fully padded protection, including a padded laptop pocket and base, to keep your belongings safe and secure.


The travel bag also comes with four zipper pockets, adjustable shoulder and hand straps, and a luggage strap for maximum versatility. The water-resistant outer and inner material provides extra protection against the elements, while the inner expandable tumbler pockets make sure you stay hydrated throughout your travels. 


Let’s take a look at 14 reasons why Marcel Weekender Bag is the travel bag you’re looking for.

Ample Capacity

Embrace boundless possibilities with this travel bag's spacious main compartment, offering approximately 26.5 liters of well-organized space for your every journey.

Instant Access

Four front and back outer zipper pockets provide quick access to your essentials, ensuring convenience on the move.

Secure All-Rounder

A full zipper closure for the main compartment guarantees the safety and organization of your belongings, allowing you to travel worry-free.

Cushioned Haven

The fully padded interior of our travel bag envelops your items in comfort, securing them against the rigors of travel.

Marcel Handbag

Your Forever, Everyday Bag


Crafted with a focus on functionality and durability, Marcel Weekender Bag is the ideal bag for heavy travelers. Whether you're taking a short weekend getaway or a long-haul trip, this locally-made multipurpose travel bag has got you covered. This travel bag is both practical and reliable, built to last for many adventures to come.

  • Spacious main compartment, approximately 26.5 liters
  • 4 x Front and back outer zipper pockets 
  • Full zipper closure for the main compartment
  • Fully padded interior 
  • Water-resistant inner and outer material
  • Padded base 
  • Padded laptop pocket (refer to laptop pocket sizing table)
  • 2 expandable inner tumbler pockets 
  • 4 inner compartments 
  • Adjustable/ detachable body strap
  • Adjustable fixed strap
  • Luggage strap (standard size)
  • Inner and outer keyrings
  • All genuine YKK Hardware

Weather Shield

With water-resistant inner and outer materials, our travel bag is your protection against unexpected weather conditions, ensuring your belongings remain dry.

Steadfast Base

A padded base reinforces this travel bag's structure, maintaining its integrity no matter where your journey takes you.

Tech-Savvy Companion

Trust the padded laptop pocket to protect your device, offering a straightforward solution to staying ready and connected.

Stay Hydrated

Two expandable inner tumbler pockets keep you refreshed as you explore the world, making it easy to stay hydrated while on the go.

Optimal Organization

Four inner compartments transform chaos into order, allowing you to maintain meticulous organization inside your travel bag throughout your trip.

Marcel Weekender Bag inside photo

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Perfect travel bag!! ✈️ so spacious with lots of compartments. The shoulder straps are so adjustable!! Love this! ”- Shopee Product Review

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "I love it. The straps of Marcel Weekender Bag feel like they're very tough and it kinda reminds me of seatbelt straps so I know this is durable.”- Shopee Product Review

Comfort Tailored to You

The adjustable and detachable body strap of our travel bag ensures your comfort is paramount, while the adjustable fixed strap offers versatility in carrying styles.

Traveller's Dream

The standard-sized luggage strap adds a layer of convenience, enabling your travel bag to easily and securely attach to your luggage.


Keys Within Reach

Inner and outer keyrings provide designated spots for your keys and other easy-access items, eliminating the frustration of searching for them.


Quality Travel Bag to the Core

Count on the durability of all genuine YKK Hardware, a testament to our travel bag's commitment to longevity.


Your Journey, Elevated

Marcel Weekender Bag embodies the perfect balance of space, protection, and organization, making every adventure an unforgettable experience.

Discover the wonders of travel with the Marcel Weekender Bag - your straightforward travel bag for journeys that ignite the spirit of exploration.

In addition to our commitment to selecting the best quality materials and construction methods, our locally-made bags now come with a free Lifetime Repair Warranty*. With your support to wearkindness and our advocacy projects, you get the peace of mind that you can continue using the bag for as long as possible.

Stuff happens. And so that you can keep using the bag for years and years to come, we’re offering free lifetime repair for damages including tears and hardware malfunction. This is in line with our commitment to promoting repair instead of replacement, and to help reduce landfill waste.

wearkindness advocacy projects

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