wearkindness Scholarship Program in Partnership with Batang VIP

Photographer Ivan Torres https://www.instagram.com/iavnt/​​
Photographer Ivan Torres https://www.instagram.com/iavnt/​​

We are excited to share with you that we are now able to support our first wearkindness college scholar from one of our partner communities Isla Verde Batangas through the help of Batang VIP (Verde Island Passage). The scholarship will cover the student’s tuition fee and other school-related expenses for 4 years. With your continued support, we hope to extend the program to more students from different communities next school year.  

Our first scholar Aubrey is a young lady from a coastal community in Isla Verde, Batangas. Women from coastal communities have little to no economic opportunities. In fact, over 90% of women from the island where Aubrey lives have no income. Despite this, Aubrey dreams to become a teacher. 

Isla Verde (Verde Island) is a volcanic island situated along the bodies of Verde Island Passage between the islands of Luzon and Mindoro, Philippines and declared by the Philippine Tourism Authority as one of the country's marine reserves. 

The island sits at the heart of the “Coral Triangle” — the global center of marine biodiversity. It is famous for its scientifically-backed title as the “Center of the Center of Marine Shorefish Biodiversity” and as the “Center of the Center of Marine Biodiversity in the World.”

The Verde Island Passage provides food, livelihoods, and other benefits to over 2 million people. It's also home to charismatic species such as whale sharks, sea turtles, nudibranchs, and an impressive array of corals. (Source: https://www.wearecora.org/isla-verde

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Photos courtesy of Batang VIP

Photographer Ivan Torres https://www.instagram.com/iavnt/


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