wearkindness Partners with Creative Circle Child Development Center

wearkindness is partnering with Creative Circle, a progressive and inclusive Child Development Center in Lagro, Quezon City, to provide exceptional education for young children with developmental disability. The partnership, made possible by your continued support, will ensure that children with ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia, behavioral and health issues, anxiety, or depression receive the therapy and support they need to improve their quality of life.

Our partnership will ensure the therapy of 2 children with disability from families that would otherwise have very limited means of sending their child to school, for at least 10 months. We will be working harder to bring more children in the program. The therapy sessions are geared towards implementing behavior modification, improving attention, focus, and communication, vocabulary development, improving cognitive skills, and preparing the children to be more social.

Our advocacy has always been and will always be to promote quality education for all. And we are blessed to have Creative Circle share this purpose.

If you want to learn more about how you could support Creative Circle, you can leave us a message or send an email to creativecirclecdc@outlook.com or message them on their Instagram https://www.instagram.com/creativecirclecdc/. Thank you and stay kind!

Creative Circle Child Development Center

Salawikain St. Lagro, Quezon City

(02) 8516 8973



In the picture: (Left) This is Stanley. He has autism spectrum disorder (ASD). He used to be non-verbal but can now say the beginning or end of the syllables of words. He can sit and focus more on activities and engage in different exercises. He has become more engaging and sociable after therapy. The partnership and your support will give more children like Benjamin the support, caring environment, and therapy they need.

In the picture: (right) This is Lucas. He has autism spectrum disorder (ASD). He is verbal and can now read. He is very artistic. He can draw and loves to make beautiful and detailed clay animal figures. Lucas loves animals.

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