Partnership Update for Creative Circle Child Development Center

We continue to support Creative Circle Child Development Center in their efforts to provide a progressive, inclusive, and nurturing environment for children with developmental disabilities. This month, we say hello to Lucas and Stan.

Through regular therapy, Lucas (left) can complete 24-piece big floor puzzles. Puzzles are a good activity for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This activity helps promote problem solving and confidence in overcoming obstacles and challenges. Puzzles help in building and developing attention span, focus, and cognitive skills. Lucas enjoys puzzles, especially ones with dinosaur designs.

Stan (right) is not very fond of walking and following broken lines on the floor. Stan’s therapy includes guidance in stepping on the markers ( pieces of tape on the picture). It’s an effective gross motor activity for kids with ASD. The simple act of looking at where their feet are going does not only help develop their motor functions but also creates a stronger connection between their brain and feet. With more practice, Stan will hopefully enjoy doing this activity and accomplish it without any assistance.

Our partnership with Creative Circle CDC to offer therapy to children in need and spread awareness to one of the most neglected issues facing  Filipino children is made possible by your support. In the coming weeks, we are speaking with School Director Mich Dizon about the challenges facing children with disabilities and their families.

If you have any questions or got anything to share that will help start the conversation around this pressing issue, kindly leave a comment. We would love to hear from you. Thank you and stay kind! 


If you want to learn more about how you could support Creative Circle, you can leave us a message or send an email to or message them on their Instagram Thank you and stay kind!

Creative Circle Child Development Center

Salawikain St. Lagro, Quezon City

(02) 8516 8973

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