July 2023 Advocacy Update: Creative Circle CDC

(Left Picture) Logical thinking activities are also a favorite of Lucas. The game he is doing is good exercise for the brain, develops critical thinking skills, and helps in math and reading. Most of the time he cannot verbalize exactly why he chose the pieces but he gets the answer correctly nevertheless. Teaching him to choose what’s next in the sequence can also help him develop life skills and cognition. It’s a great problem-solving activity. Good job, Lucas!

(Right Picture)  Stan is sweet and funny. Here, he seems to be avoiding touch. Like most kids with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), he commonly avoids social touch. There may be touch aversion. The aversion to touch may be misunderstood as a lack of comfort with affection. Children with autism do experience and express affection – some may simply experience and express it differently than others. To help Stan, we give him hugs many times when singing, while actively playing, and when he is with his friends but we never force it when he doesn’t want to. We respect his personal space. We aim to do more physical touch activities that won't overwhelm him.

- Teacher Mich, Creative Circle CDC

Further Reading: Understanding Autism and Development Disabilities in Children - https://wearkindness.shop/blogs/news/understanding-autism-and-developmental-disabilities-in-children

Our partnership with Creative Circle Child Development Center to offer therapy to children in need and spread awareness to one of the most neglected issues facing Filipino children is made possible by your support.

If you want to learn more about how you can support Creative Circle, you can leave us a message or send an email to creativecirclecdc@outlook.com or message them on their Instagram https://www.instagram.com/creativecirclecdc/. Thank you and stay kind!

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