All About Marcel Bag

different ways to travel, one perfect bag

Marcel Bag is the product of 3 years of striving for better design. From a simple canvas tote bag with more pockets than usual, we have put together a bag that offers a simple solution to your travel and daily commuting needs. With our collective experiences, we found 3 key features that we need in a bag: reliability, functionality and minimalist design. Marcel bag is locally made and designed to be your perfect companion wherever you go. 


Outer Material: waterproof synthetic fabric

Inner Material: cotton-blend fabric

Closure: YKK zipper

Hardware: YKK hooks and adjusters

Strap: 1.5-inch nylon jacquard strap

Size: 15.5 by 13.5 inches with a 6-inch base


Keep your things dry and safe in any weather. Marcel Bag is made of durable and light water-resistant material to make it the right go-to bag for any weather. It also features a cotton lining to keep your devices scratch-free and safe. The sturdy material of the bag helps keep its shape without making it look too bulky.

Wider Straps

We know you want to carry a lot every day. To give you the freedom to move more comfortably, we made the straps extra wide and easier on the shoulders. The fixed shoulder straps are also wrapped around the bag for added reliability. 

Bigger Zippers and Hardware

We use genuine YKK zippers and hardware to make the bag extra durable and capable of carrying everything you need for work and travel. The hardware is designed and built to withstand heavy loads and constant movement. To learn more, visit

Zipper Pockets

There are 2 zipper pockets on each side of the bag to help you better organize your daily essentials. The zippers are hidden under a water-resistant flap to keep your things dry even in the rain.

Multiple Compartments

Never leaving home without your umbrella and water bottle? On each side of the bag is an easy-access compartment for the items that you need to access at any time. There are also 4 pockets inside for things you need safe and secure.

Marcel Bag main opening zipper closure
Marcel Bag YKK hook

Laptop Sleeve

Keep your laptop safe and steady inside a dedicated sleeve so you can go about your day with fewer worries. The sleeve is designed to hold up to 15-inch laptops.   

Minimalist Design

We kept it simple and functional. The bag offers you a nice compliment to your daily outfit and comes in 4 different colors.

Just the Right Size

Some like it big, and some like it small. We found the right in-between and crafted the bag to be the right size for your purpose and body size. The bag has enough space for your daily commute and more to spare for a weekend trip.

Locally and Individually Made

All our bags are locally made and support the livelihood of our independent sewers. We make each bag piece by piece to make sure that they are consistently durable and true to our hundreds of positive reviews.

Sustainable Packaging and Production

It takes a lot of plastic to ship a single item ordered online.  To do our part in addressing the massive impact of plastic packaging and waste on the environment, we are shipping your order in compostable corn-made mailers, packed in a reusable drawstring bag. 

We are minimizing the single-use items in every package to make sure that you are able to reuse everything that comes with your order. We also only use vital materials and maximize every inch of fabric to reduce waste in the process of making the bag.

With a Purpose

Your purchase supports our advocacy projects for children. You can learn more about it here.